Field Notes from Madagascar

Here’s a note from Dr. Morrison, currently doing field work in Madagascar.  His location is extremely remote with no internet access, but he was able to send us this note & photo during a brief trip to town! “I am back for the night to Majunga from our field site in Madagascar. I am having a fantastic time and finding lots of chameleons and leaf-tail geckos. Last night I saw in the field and caught my first Uroplatus henklei, just the third of the season this year. These are truly stunning animals. Student projects and survey routes are going well. Back to the field in the morning”

One thought on “Field Notes from Madagascar

  1. This message is for Dr.Morrison.This is jay Markert in united state.Im a private breeder of uroplatus.I have been breeding and doing reseach on uroplatus for over 10 years.Im looking for some one that gos to madagascar that would be willing to work with me on research that is needed in the feild.Please contact me if interested and i can go over the research that is needing collected.Thank you for your time…..Jay Markert

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