Summer Research in Exercise Science

Hello from the Human Performance Lab! Sorry for the late posts, this blog is harder to figure out than the Cardiac Output System, but we are up and running!


We are going to jump right into what we have been researching this summer! We are working in the Human Performance Lab this summer with Dr. McCole and Dr. McKenzie from the Exercise Science Department. This summer we are doing two different studies; one on the treadmill and one on the elliptical, looking at the various physiological (metabolic and cardiovascular) variables associated with using arms during exercise versus not using your arms. We are learning many different lab techniques throughout the research so far.



We are learning things such as: taking blood samples, proper placement of electrodes, data analysis, and learning how to operate and understand the VO2 and Cardiac Output Systems. Each individual researcher is starting to focus on particular topic within the study. The data collected and analyzed will be used in each researchers’ senior seminar project. We have started performing this study on ourselves along with volunteer  participants, and cannot wait to see where this study takes us!

Happy Researching!!!