A Study in Soil

Episode number: Season one, episode one

Directed by: Dr. Jacobs and Dr. McMillan

Written by: Xi Huang

Starring: Invertebrates

Mary Chow

Shirley Mancia

Xi Huang

Dr. Molly Jacobs a.k.a. Molly

Dr. Brett McMillan

Air date: June 9, 2013

From left to right. Xi Huang, Mary Chow, and Shirley Mancia.

Getting soil samples.

Getting soil samples.

“A Study in Soil” is the first episode of the TV series The League of the Green Hornet and first broadcast on June 9, 2013. The series started its production on May 29, 2013. It took three days of careful planning and getting ready. List of supplies and specific plans were made in order for filming to happen. On June 6, the team finally started shooting under the supervision of Molly.



During the summer of 2013, in an ordinary neighborhood called Hashawha, three private investigators (Mary Chow, Shirley Mancia, and Xi Huang) joined forces to solve a mysterious case: whether trails in Hashawha act as a barrier in the migration of soil invertebrate communities.

A total of 60 soil samples will be collected from eight different sites. Nine samples will be from each of the four path sites: three samples from the center of the trail, three 3 m from the creek, and three 8 m from the creek. Six samples will be collected from each of the four non-path sites: three 3 m from the creek and three 8 m from the creek. The purpose of doing this is to test if soil invertebrate communities change on a gradient away from stream.

Detective Shirley Mancia recovers her thermometer.

Detective Shirley Mancia recovers her thermometer.

While the investigators were working on their first site, something unexpected happened. Detective Shirley Mancia lost her precious thermometer! After Inspector Mary Chow poked a 9-inch-deep hole in the ground with a Soil Compaction Tester, Detective Shirley Mancia accidentally dropped the thermometer that was used to measure soil temperature down the 9-inch hole. In a moment of panic, Shirley started digging frantically. Fortunately, the thermometer was recovered. So once again, the day is saved. thanks to the League of the Green Hornet. But will they be so lucky next time? Until next episode.