London calling


Hello Champs.

Dear McDaniel,

Suzanne posted this the morning after the opening ceremonies:


After a long night at #OpeningCeremonies hope my swim coach can join me at #closingceremony

We can’t deny the olympian her wish, can we?


I would like to take a moment in this post to extend the largest congratulations I can muster to Coach Bob Bowman, and Michael Phelps. Over the course of 4 Olympic Games, 24 events, 22 medals, 18 of them gold. Absolutely phenomenal!

Again, congratulations!


Frances Merryman sent this note to me last week. Frances is Suzanne’s father’s cousin.

Did you know that Suzanne’s cousin, Tamara McKinney, skied on 3 Olympic teams for the US – only US woman to win the overall World Cup?

I do now, Frances. Pretty cool fact. Congratulations to Tamara!


And from Joanne Fry (mother of recent graduate, Jess)

We are all sooooo excited for you and Suzanne!!! You are making us proud. Give Suzanne a big hug for us!!
The Frys of Georgia

I would like to respond to this one. Joanne, I’ll let you know that Suzanne is already in debt with ‘hugs from Jeff’. She received one on Senior Day, one at the Conference Championships, and knowing full-well she hit her limit, she ambushed me with one the night before she left for Colorado. I will however, pass along the note.


And finally, our question of the week. This one comes from Tanner’s (one of my boys) art teacher:

Are you excited? Does a bear…

I am very excited. I am planning to go with as little sleep as possible.


I am going to keep this post short. I am on a shortened, family vacation as I type this. We have been trying to enjoy a week-long vacation in the Outer Banks for the past three years. Two years ago we had to leave early to bring my oldest son back in time for his middle-school orientation. Last year we got kicked out due to the hurricane that came through. We thought we were smart in scheduling our week earlier this year, but here comes the opportunity to attend the Olympic Games. Big opportunity.


My wife and I, along with the other coaches, and Suzanne’s family, leave for London on August 9th. I will post as many entries as I can while there, but I am sure with all the excitement, they will be much shorter than what I have posted so far. I will also use twitter as much as I can (@McDanielSwim). If you would like to follow Suzanne, @sstettinius


Suzanne is in Poland right now, putting the finishing touches on her training. The morning after the Opening Ceremony, the US pentathlon team flew out to Poland to train in a quieter environment. From the emails, and texts she has sent me, she is setting herself up very well. She will fly back to London on the 9th, and compete on the 12th.

Let’s get together and shout from the hilltops, “GO SUZANNE!”.


Have a great week everyone,



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