First day

Hello Champs

Dear McDaniel,

The closing ceremony is one day away. Should we just go to will-call for our tickets?


My wife and I have four kids. Some days they test our patience. During our flight here we were lucky enough to spend some time with a young girl who took the test to another level. During our seven hours we were serenaded with this two-year old’s only word (please read: sound)… Nah. Some of the others in our party debated the actual word, but being as I was in the row directly behind this young lady, I am going with a sharp ‘nah’.

After getting settled in our hotel, Avis, Damien (Suzanne’s fencing coach), and I headed to the Proctor and Gamble house to meet up with Suzanne.The P&G house is a place for athletes to met up with friends and family; you just have to be ‘on the list’. Lucky for me, Suzanne likes me enough to grant me access.

After picking up a considerable amount of all things Proctor and Gamble, we headed back to our hotel, giving Suzanne a chance to meet up with her family, who she¬†hasn’t seen in months.

The big day is tomorrow, and Suzanne is itching to race. Fencing starts the day-long competition at 8:00a. I will be in two competitions of my own; the first with trying to out-post our SID with live results (I think being here gives me the edge). The second one is in the Twitter-sphere with Suzanne. Her number of followers has sky-rocketed this last month, or so. I guess being Olympian helps with this popularity thing.

Shannon and I are headed this today to take in London. It’s going to be a great day.

If there are any typos, etc. please forgive me. I am using an iPad to type this…aggravating to say the least.

Keep it real,


3 thoughts on “First day

  1. Hello from York, PA at 4:05 am — sitting here in front of the computer, watching live, cheering on Suzanne in fencing. Best wishes today!

  2. Nice to see Suzanne via the live streaming! Swimming next.

    Jeff, any luck with the tix for closing ceremony? You can do it.

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