August 2012
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Returning to the Hill

It’s a little amazing to think of how different one’s life can be (and will be) in just a week. Right now, I find myself at home at 8:30 on a Monday evening, in bed working on computer stuff. But exactly one week from now, I will be sitting in “The Hero’s Journey,” my sophomore interdisciplinary studies class, being introduced to Jung and the course itself. (Yes, it’s an evening class. Truth be told, I’m a little nervous about falling asleep during it, but I imagine I’ll adapt. Learning to adapt is another part of college life, after all.)

Sitting in class will definitely be different from sitting at home. More than likely, I’ll use the word “surreal” numerous times throughout the first week to describe being back on campus. Yet at the same time, I have a feeling it will feel so normal! Having already completed a year at McDaniel, I imagine that returning and getting back into the swing of things will fit just like a glove.

Part of what I like about attending a small college like McDaniel is that I’ll be returning to a nice level of familiarity. I know where most things are, I know plenty of friendly people who I can’t wait to be reunited with, and as an Honors student, I’ll even be living in the same dorm again!

Things definitely won’t be the same old, same old though. Like everyone else, I have a new batch of classes this semester, and though I definitely expect some of them to be harder than the courses I took last year, I’m really looking forward to what I’m taking, especially my English classes. Right now, I’m even more excited to meet new people on campus, and living in Honors housing means I’ll be living suite style with freshmen. And of course, I’m excited for what’s new at McDaniel. We have a beautiful new website, a new ID card system, and a brand new Center for Experience and Opportunity that I definitely plan to pay multiple visits to!

Though you wouldn’t be able to tell based on how much I’ve packed so far, excitement is in the air for me as the number of days before my return to McDaniel has reached single digits! I am energized for the days and weeks ahead and I am optimistic that this will be a fantastic semester!

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