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Day Two

I didn’t expect to be so tired by day two, but considering that I had an evening class and a pretty busy last three days, I guess I’m not surprised. It takes a lot of energy to get readjusted to being at college, but I guess if I weren’t at least somewhat tired, it would probably mean that I’m not having enough fun.

This morning, I didn’t do much, but I eventually went the poster sale to look through some of the posters one last time. I didn’t find anything else I liked, but that’s not so bad because I bought three yesterday. (And if I ever need more, Amazon is just a few clicks away and very reasonably priced.) Then, I chatted with more people I hadn’t seen yet and had a pizza lunch at Glar before going to my 1:00 class, Approaches to Everyday Discourse with Dr. Kate Dobson. The class is offered by the English Department and can be applied toward the English major or writing minor. It’s my first 3000-level class, so I’m definitely a little intimidated by the workload and the degree of difficulty, but I’m happy to be taking it because I love the subject matter. Essentially the course looks at and requires us to analyze discourse (verbal and non-verbal communication) that we encounter in our everyday lives—what we read, watch, and even wear. Also, I’ve never had her for a class, but I think Dr. Dobson is pretty awesome. When I was a senior in high school considering coming to McDaniel, I got to meet Dr. Dobson, who helped me learn enough wonderful things about the English Department and McDaniel itself that the choice to come here was obvious.

Immediately after Everyday Discourse, I went to my science class, The Nature of Science. While I like science, I’ve never been a fan of science classes, so I’m a little intimidated by this class too. What I think is interesting about it though is that it focuses on how science is done, how scientists think, how science interacts with society, and what science is and isn’t. According to Dr. Marx, the professor, the course is unlike any other college science course he’s encountered, making the course unique to McDaniel. I hope the class is interesting and that it goes well for me!

It’s nice not to have an evening class tonight, since I got to spend more time relaxing and socializing than I did last night. I spent a nice chunk of time sitting and talking with some of my friends on the Quad and even got a couple of pages of reading done while I was out there. After that, my friends and I went to dinner, and from there, we went to Red Square, the center of campus, for a free root beer float event sponsored by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I also took a moment to pick up a few copies of the McDaniel Free Press orientation issue, since I wrote an article about the resources at our Hoover Library for it.

Eventually, I moseyed my way back to my dorm, where I now hope to accomplish some homework and continue to unpack and clean my room before I go to bed—hopefully earlier than I did last night!

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