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Continuing My First Week

It’s been a fun last couple of days for me here at McDaniel. Yesterday, Wednesday, was a pretty light day for me since my only class was grammar in the afternoon. From 11 to 1, there was a farmers’ market at Red Square, where vendors came to sell fresh produce, bread, honey, and even jewelry. I picked up a free nectarine. Apparently, yesterday’s farmers’ market was such a success that they’re going to have one on campus once a month from now on. I hope the vendors bring strawberries, pumpkin bread, and other more dorm-ready foods next time!

One of the great things about college, as opposed to high school, is that there’s time during the day that can be put to good use by taking naps. I’m not afraid to admit that I took one before grammar yesterday—I needed it! I felt pretty good going to grammar. We discussed our textbook, spent more time getting to know everyone’s names, and took a diagnostic test.

Wednesday evening is one of the most fun nights of Welcome Week, since that’s when the annual activity fair takes place. Student organizations and a few local businesses have tables all along the quad to give students more information about their organizations and let students sign up for their email lists. There’s even some free stuff! In conjunction with the event, dinner is held outdoors in Red Square with choices of hotdogs or hamburgers and brownies and cookies for dessert. Though the event was a lot of fun, I didn’t stay out for the whole two hours because I wanted (and more importantly needed) to get some homework done for Thursday.

Today, Thursday, was busier than yesterday. I got up this morning to finish my readings for Everyday Discourse, but I left enough time in between reading and going to class to go pick up a free ice cream sundae outside of Glar. Both of my classes today went well. In The Nature of Science, we got into groups and using sets of data given to us, we played a game and tried to determine its rules, an activity designed to simulate how scientists think and are able to either determine or not determine things. Once we collectively came up with a set of rules, we played the game tournament-style. Unfortunately, I didn’t fare too well in the game play, as I lost in the first round.

I still feel like a winner though! Tonight, after making a couple of quick stops to both the Free Press open house and the part-time job fair, I went to the annual Honors picnic, which had been rained out on Sunday. In addition to having burgers and hotdogs from the grill, we played games with each tables. Each table was a team, and the first round of the contest was a scavenger hunt in which the tables had to find various items and bring them to a table of judges. The second round involved trivia about McDaniel, science, and the ‘90s. My team, District 13, tied with another team for first place. Each of the two teams sent up a representative, and I represented my team. The winner of tie-breaker, much to my enjoyment was the team representative with the smallest hands, meaning that my team took home a bag filled with candy, water guns, play-dough, Ring Pops, and popsicle molds. I also met a few nice people at the picnic, and I hope to see them again at future Honors events.

I haven’t quite decided yet what I’ll do tonight. I don’t have anything due tomorrow and I have a three-day weekend coming up, so there’s no urgency to do homework right now, which is just fine with me! I think I’ll probably see if there’s anything fun going on at the Pub, our fast-food place on campus, and then I’ll come back and continue to straighten up my room.

Though I have a lot of reading to tackle this weekend, I’ll be able to do it at more of a leisurely pace.Despite the homework, I think I’m in for a fun weekend!


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