September 2012
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A New Website

I have just accomplished my favorite task since joining the McDaniel Free Press four years ago. I am the editor in chief this year, and previously I was the web editor, so the website has been my priority for so long. This morning we re-launched our site after months of planning and redesigning and I […]

Club Membership

There are a lot of clubs here at McDaniel. A few have weekly meetings while others meet biweekly, or every two weeks. It is easy to form a club and some new ones start every year. This year they just created a people-watching club (they came to the Frederick Fair with me a couple of […]

Scarecrows, and Raffles, and Bracelets–Oh my!

This weekend, I volunteered at Westminster’s Fall Fest, which is held every fall and raises money to benefit four local charities.  I volunteered at the Make-Your-Own-Scarecrow Tent that was operated by the Stacy Davis Breast Cancer Fund.  At the tent, which was decked out in everything pink, people could pay $10 in order to build […]

Gearing Up for Midterms

The fifth and sixth weeks of the semester are always when people realize that Midterms are just around the corner. Two weeks from now, I will be on my way home for Fall Break. As much as I love being on campus and love McDaniel, it is always nice to go home and just relax […]

A Busy Week

Hi again! So my Thursday and Friday, although not usually busy, became pretty busy because I had a lot of little things to take care of. I had a little retail therapy and purchased some clothing and a pair of shoes, so I had to pick those up at the Post Office. We are assigned […]