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Labor Day Weekend

I guess you could say I had the best of both worlds this Labor Day weekend; I spent Friday evening and Saturday on campus while returning home for Sunday and Monday.

After class wrapped up on Friday afternoon, I went to hang out with my friends in Forlines house, where my one of my friends graciously let me paint my nails with a bottle of polish from her very extensive nail polish collection. Soon after, I went to the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship cookout on the quad between DMC and ANW, another residence hall. The cookout was open to all students and I had a great time catching up with people I know.

If you’re interested in religious life on campus, InterVarsity may be for you. IV is a campus ministry found on over 550 campuses nationwide. McDaniel InterVarsity meets once a week for worship in Little Baker Chapel and holds student-led bible studies throughout the semester. They also host campus-wide events (like the cookout) and go on retreats. I’m not a member of IV, but I really admire what a tight-knit and fun group they are.

After going to the cookout, I returned to my dorm to rest up before the outdoor screening of The Avengers, sponsored by the Office of Student Engagement. The first movie of the year is always screened outdoors (weather permitting), and it’s a lot of fun to grab some blankets and towels and sit out in Red Square with old and new. And did I mention there’s free pizza?

Saturday for me was mostly a homework day, though one of my suitemates went whitewater river tubing with the Outdoor Club. (I’m a little jealous, but I needed to get things done!) I still had some fun though, because in the evening, some of my friends and I drove to the nearby IHOP. IHOP is one of my favorite places off campus to eat and socialize, and it’s easily within walking distance, making it very accessible.

I spent the rest of the weekend at home because my poor little fan was no match for this weekend’s heat! I hadn’t planned on going home this weekend, but I was glad to get to see my puppy, Lily, who my family got last month. It’s tough to be away from pets at college, but there are dogs to be found on campus. For example, Canine Companions for Independence, more commonly known as Puppy Club is in the process of training a service dog, a black lab named Hudson, who can be seen at various campus and Puppy Club-sponsored events.

I’d have to say that my Labor Day went pretty quickly, and fortunately, so did my day. This evening, I’m off to the first Free Press meeting of the semester, and if I’m up for it, I’ll go see comedian Adam Ace in the Forum afterwards. This week is going to get busier as it progresses, so I’m glad it’s a short one!

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