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My 5 Favorite Changes on Campus

Every year I return to campus I am greeted with the familiarity of McDaniel College. However, there are always little improvements that make campus even better. This is my list of 5 of my favorite changes on campus this semester.

One Card

Upon starting the new school year, students were required to either get a new student ID or have their old card recoded. This new code allows students to log in online and have the ability to view their meal plan, declining balance, and miscellaneous other things, like gym trips. You can even chose to get notifications about when your balance is low or set a monthly deposit of money onto the card. It’s really convenient!

Convenience store

While replacing the Budapest Café with a brand new Green and Go convenience store has some students a little sour, I think the store is a great idea. Not only does it have quick grab and go food options like salads, sandwiches, and wraps, but it has a variety of snacks and granola bars. There is a milkshake-maker machine as well. The coolest part is it even has foods that you would normally need to leave campus to buy, such as eggs, milk, and fruits and vegetables. They don’t call it a convenience store for nothing!

New shuttle stops and hours

The shuttle was already awesome because it is free transportation for students. However, they recently expanded their list of stops to include Shady Grove, the metro stop that leads into DC. The shuttle continues to stop at Owings Mills, the metro stop for Baltimore, as well as all around Westminster. On top of these new stops, there are also expanded hours. The shuttle runs as late as 2 am on the weekends!

Expanded gym hours

The gym has always had really flexible hours, whether you enjoy working out really early in the morning or later at night. Recently they have expanded the hours so that the gym remains open later on Friday nights and opens earlier on Saturdays and Sundays. I like having the extra options because it means no excuses to get a workout in. And did I mention the gym is free to all McDaniel students?

24 hour library

Although this hasn’t officially happened yet, Hoover Library is set to have two 24-hour floors either by the end of the semester or by the beginning of spring semester. While they have always expanded their hours during important weeks, such as finals, having this 24-hour option is definitely going to be a great addition to campus.


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