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Visiting Home


I had a really good day yesterday for the most part. I had a lot of work to get done, but that was solely so I could enjoy visiting my family this weekend and not have to worry about getting homework done. Regardless, I had my gym class in the morning, and then I proceeded to go back to sleep until around noon because I had not slept well the night before for whatever reason. After sleeping, I worked on homework for most of the day other than a trip to Glar for dinner. At 8:00, I had my conversational hour for Arabic. It was actually really interesting because we talked about the current unrest in the Middle East because of the anti-Islamic film and the protests in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia as well as the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya. That conversation diverged into one about Islam as a whole and how similar Islam and Christianity can be. It was a really great conversation because it showed that while the details varied a little from person to person there was actually a general consensus even though we all come from different backgrounds. After my conversational hour, several of my friends and I met up for pizza and just hung out for the rest of the night until I had to go to sleep in order to be awake at 7:00 since I had to be at admissions for work at 8:20 this morning.

So, today I was not on campus for most of the day. I had work this morning for admissions, just helping people figure out where to park but it is interesting to see different people coming on to campus and to learn a little bit about them. There were some really nice people here this morning, and they made helping with parking a really nice start to my day. I really enjoy meeting new people and there was one girl this morning that I got into a really great conversation with about music before she went to registration. She was simply waiting on her parents to find a parking place in the lower lot, so the conversation only really lasted a few minutes, but we found that we actually had really similar music tastes and that we shared a few favorite artists. But anyway, I got off work at 10:00 and immediately left for home, arriving at about two in the afternoon.

So at home today there was a lot of running around once we finally arrived after four hours in the car. It may not seem worth it to drive home for such a short time, especially when I have to leave again by ten in the morning tomorrow, but I really miss my pets and family when I am away at school. We visited Phil’s aunt, and saw the new baby alpaca who is completely adorable and wonderful. We also worked with the horses. That was a lot of fun because it was the first time Lisa has ridden other than a single trip when she was really small and it was interesting to watch her start to get over her nervousness and actually enjoy herself. The slightly less fun part of that was Resica decided to throw me, which would not have been too much of an issue except the reins snapped and messed up my ability to land properly. Nevertheless, other than being rather sore, I was fine and I rode Resica for a bit after she threw me. Phil did not ride today but that was primarily because he was helping Lisa by leading Phoebe around on a lead rope until Lisa got more comfortable.


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