September 2012
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McDaniel as a Home


My week was relatively standard this week – classes, homework, relaxing with friends. However, there was one unusual event. Thursday was Night of Nets, which is an event that is sponsored by the Advocacy Team. They were raising money for a campaign that is trying to help with the issues that malaria cause. The event itself was actually really nice; there was music and a lot of people going around. Some of the people slept outside under nets and such and it is really nice to see people showing support for an important but often undervalued cause. They were making shirts about the End Malaria campaign, sending postcards, and more.

Friday was also a lot of fun because I had to drop my gym class because of the broken tailbone which Resica caused, but that means I don’t have any classes on Friday. I got to sleep in until like 11, which for me almost never gets to happen. I wasn’t on campus for long on Friday because I went home to try to go riding although I ended up being too sore still. However, in the time that I was on campus, I got to relax with Lisa and Phil, get some homework done so I wouldn’t have to work on it at home, and see a few other friends briefly before heading home. It’s really nice to just get to sit around and get lunch with friends before heading off for a weekend at home.

One of my stops at home was my areas fall fest – the main purpose of my visit was to pick up some baked goods to bring back to school, but I also went around to a lot of the vendors and such. I got to see Phil’s aunt, selling her alpaca wares as well as letting people see some of the alpacas. The alpaca wares are so soft and wonderful – I have a teddy bear made with alpaca fur that I adore because of those qualities. I probably would have spent far too much money if I hadn’t decided to be smart and not carry more than $20.00 in case.

Now, my time at home , other than fall fest, was relatively boring and low key, so I am actually gonna talk about way McDaniel is just as much my home as my actual home is. I love McDaniel and its campus, there is a lot of pretty outdoors areas and as fall is coming they are just getting prettier. Sometimes going out to Harveystone and walking along to path that leads to the golf course is just a really great way to start or end a day. However, the biggest factor that makes McDaniel feel like home to me are the people there. I love my professors, they are always there to help me, even if it isn’t with school work or class related at all. Carol, the Arabic professor, is probably one of my favorites because she always encourages me and everyone she interacts with to do better. She is the main reason I learned to love the Arabic language as much as I do and she is the reason I was so excited to get my Arabic keyboard in the other day – I was so glad to finally be able to learn to type in Arabic that I posted a facebook status is Arabic just because. I think the best part was that some of my friends actually took the time to translate it and I had a few of them tell me that Arabic was very pretty. Plus, most of my friends are at McDaniel. I still talk to some of my friends from high school, but my McDaniel friends are people that I am much closer to and that are basically an extension of my family at times. I would do anything I can to help them, and I know they would be willing to do the same for me. I suppose that is one of the best things about college, people really do make friendships that are much stronger and more enduring than high school and the years before it.

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