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Tips From a Tour Guide: Tip #2: Come Prepared

Tips From a Tour Guide: How to make the Most out of Your Tour of McDaniel

Tip #2: Come Prepared

                Do you want to make sure you get the most information out of your college visits?  Then, whatever you do, do not go into a college visit blindly.  Make sure you know what you are looking for when you visit colleges.  What are you thinking about majoring in?  Do you want to play a specific sport at the college?  Are you going to be interested in joining a certain club?  More specifically, conduct some research about the school before you get there.  This can help you avoid that embarrassing moment on tour when you ask a question about something that has nothing to do with the school you are looking at, because trust me, after ten or twelve tours, you’ll start to get confused.  You can even make a list, just so you don’t forget things.  I’ll admit, I hated being that kid on college visits with the mom that had the list of questions written down in a notebook, but in the end, I appreciated it.  Having specific questions that I asked at every college really helped me decide that McDaniel was the place for me.

The more information you come into a visit with, the more you will be able to get out of your visit, just because you know you will walk away knowing exactly what you want to know.  It also helps to have the same information that you want to get from every school, that way, you’ll be able to compare them, which ultimately will make your lives easier when it comes to decision time.  For example, ask every college about your general education or liberal arts requirements that you will have to fulfill before graduation and also how many credits their majors are.  That way, you will be able to know just how much you will have to accomplish in your four years and you will be able to evaluate whether or not that is the right school for you.  In fact, ask for flyers that explain it.  We have a whole packet in Admissions all about our liberal arts requirement, which is called the McDaniel Plan.  It can seem rather daunting at first, especially during a tour, so being able to sit down later and look it over can be helpful.

Don’t forget: use everyone you can as a source for information.  If you come prepared with questions and different things you want to know, the wonderful people of McDaniel will help you.  I found myself even just talking to random students when I came to visit, since someone told me that they were studying what I was interested in.

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