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Intramurals at McDaniel

If you love sports but did not make a McDaniel team (or told your parents you didn’t make it just because you didn’t want the hassle) intramurals are a fun, low-commitment way to stay active. Each season has a number of options, each very popular in their respective times. The fall semester has soccer, flag football, golf, and floor hockey, while the spring semester sees basketball, kickball, badminton, kickball, indoor soccer, volleyball, softball, and my personal favorite dodgeball. Though it is just a one day tournament, intramural dodgeball is the most enjoyable of all the intramural sports.

Among my friends, everyone takes turns organizing teams for different intramurals. This increases everyone’s sense of involvement, while also making sure no one has to take on too much responsibility throughout the year. It’s fun also because, generally, the one who chooses to organize is very passionate about the sport and will lead us to victory. My friend Brandon was the excited organizer of our dodgeball team.

My friends and I named our team “Average Joe’s” in honor of the movie dodgeball. Though there was no requirement for team uniforms, my friends and I went to Michael’s and picked up a few ugly green and white striped tank-tops and some black headbands. Between our makeshift uniforms and irrepressible spirit, we were ready for the win. Old Gill Gym had been divided in two by the drop-down nets, and we were immediately thrown into a preliminary match on the far side against one of the best teams. We lost. Horribly. We played another game and won.

The next hour proceeded like this until the eliminations began. We made it to the semi-finals and then lost to the clearly superior team we had dubbed the “Purple Cobras” (in honor of the movie). I remember this intramural fondly because it was a chance for my friends and I to get together and laugh at ourselves.

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