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Weekend Fun and Club Work


So, today is Monday and not a whole lot has went on since Saturday. However, I did do a few things on Saturday since I wrote my blog. One of the first things was after I got dinner when we returned from the zoo, I went to the anime club movie night. We were […]

Football Season

Football season is always very exciting on campus. Although where I have traveled in the past usually likes football, here at McDaniel people truly enjoy American football. Not only are there fans of our own football team but there are also NFL fans.

The Ravens team (in Baltimore) used to practice on our field here. […]

McDaniel Theatre and other good things

The McDaniel theater program is known for putting on quality performances. Generally the performances are dramas but the program puts on one or two musicals a year. This year’s choice was Hairspray, starring my friend Kelsey Gondek as Tracy Turnblad. Of course, I knew other members of the cast and they were all excellent, but I was […]