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Football Season

Football season is always very exciting on campus. Although where I have traveled in the past usually likes football, here at McDaniel people truly enjoy American football. Not only are there fans of our own football team but there are also NFL fans.

The Ravens team (in Baltimore) used to practice on our field here. In this area there are big Ravens and Orioles fans so everyone is very excited. People are walking around in their jerseys on Monday morning celebrating wins or all around good games. Now that the referee situation has been fixed everyone is very into the football season.

Sometimes on campus people get together to watch the football games. There is a great television in the pub, a dining area on campus to get burgers and fries and other delicious not always very healthy meals. Often on Sundays people are crowded there watching their respective games and munching on food. Overall the first quarter of football season has been very exciting, and the energy on campus from it is palpable.

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