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Weekend Fun and Club Work


So, today is Monday and not a whole lot has went on since Saturday. However, I did do a few things on Saturday since I wrote my blog. One of the first things was after I got dinner when we returned from the zoo, I went to the anime club movie night. We were having what we called “Heckle Night” and it was definitely a lot of fun. We watched a variety of different anime shows and a movie and dedicated the night to making fun of them and just having a good time. There were pizza and snacks, and it admittedly got a little loud from time to time but we had a wonderful time and I will be glad for the next movie night in a few more weeks. We watched One Piece (4kids version), Peach Girl, Evangelion, and several other things throughout the course of the night. The only downfall was that I had to leave early because I ended up not feeling well, so I went to lie down, but I hear that the rest of the night went well and they didn’t end until nearly midnight.  Plus, the Vice President of the Club, Breyonna, was able to take over for me so thankfully there weren’t any issues.

So when I was done resting to feel better and movie night had just wrapped up, my boyfriend’s neighbor walked into his room where I was resting and asked us if we wanted to play poker out of the blue. So Phil, Dan, and I all agreed and we went in to the Blanche common room to play poker.  A few rounds of poker turned into poker, then Texas Hold Em, 5 Card Draw, and Blind Man’s Bluff. We ended playing until 3:30 in the morning and it was a blast. I drank far too much soda and did not get to bed until 4am, but thankfully it was Sunday the next day. But anyway, that is one of the things I actually really like about living in the dorms or apartments. You can have a lot of fun without having to plan it and just spend time with friends simply because the day was done and people were bored.  I learned a bunch of new card games, met someone new, and spent time with old friends all in one sitting just because Phil’s neighbor happened to be bored and having trouble sleeping. I, however, slept very well that night by the time the cards ended from everything that I had done that day.

So yesterday I spent most of my day doing homework and resting, but today I started work on getting approval for the raffle that the anime club is holding in the middle of November. We are raising money for the convention that we will be holding on 3/30/2013 as well as for the other events that will occur throughout the year. Phil, the club treasurer, and I went to the Carroll County Government Offices to get the forms that we needed to fill out in order to get the raffle permit and also got the forms we needed for OSE filled out. Tomorrow, we are taking both forms back to the government offices to officially apply. I am actually really looking forward to this raffle because it is one of the first times our club has done this kind of event. We hope to have gift cards, jewelry, and other such things. We are also hoping to use a cosplay contest to raise interest in the event, but that depends how many people in our club are able to get a cosplay together by Halloween. We are also doing an art contest right now for the T-shirts we hope to order soon. Staff members will be required to wear the t-shirts during the convention but also it is just a fun way for club members to have a sign of their participation. So basically, I had a lot of errands to run today on top of my usual commitments but it has been a fun day all the same because I am really excited about the club and its future.

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