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Hey folks!

Now that the blog is officially live, I thought this would be a great opportunity to welcome you all and introduce myself a little. I’m glad you’re here, especially if you’re considering attending McDaniel!

My name is Annie, I’m a sophomore, and I’m an English major with a writing minor. I’m also a very proud member of McDaniel’s Honors Program.

I’m not a Maryland resident, so I found out about McDaniel through my mom, whose coworker has two children who have gone here and loved it. I actually never visited McDaniel until my fall of senior year of high school, but once I came for the November prospective students day, I knew I absolutely had to apply! If you’re a senior in high school currently applying for colleges, now is not too late for you to come visit us here at McDaniel!

I came back to McDaniel in February of my senior year, for a luncheon held for students accepted into the Honors Program. At this point, I was still unsure where I wanted to go to college. It was on this day that I became absolutely certain that McDaniel was the college for me! I loved the liberal arts focus of the College, and our Honors Program seemed like an excellent fit for me. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to meet some of our English professors, who showed me how awesome McDaniel’s English department is. I like how in addition to literature courses, we have a lot of writing and rhetoric courses, and a writing minor, all things that were exactly what I was looking for in a college!

I returned yet again to McDaniel in March of my senior year for admitted students day, and it was on that day that I insisted that my parents pay my enrollment deposit in person at the bursar’s office.

So that’s basically the story of how I came to be at McDaniel. I’ve been here for over a year now, and I’m very happy and proud to be a McDaniel student! My studies are wonderful, and they haven’t disappointed! I also know a lot of fantastic people, and there’s plenty of ways that I enjoy being involved on campus!

I hope you’ll follow me and the other bloggers as we post about our experiences as McDaniel students and let you know what’s going on here at our home on The Hill!

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