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Clara- Mock Debate and Presidential Elections

This week has been full of excitement over the presidential elections. First there was a mock debate on Tuesday, in which we had actual elected officials come and give a debate. It was exciting, especially because all of the students were given the opportunity to ask questions. The local newspaper also interviewed me. They were even giving out free Election Day materials such as bumper stickers and yard signs.

On Wednesday night the school had a debate party. This was located in the pub, a place where people gather to eat on campus. Everyone sat around watching the debate together, and had a chance to comment and discuss various points made. This was a great way to reflect on what had happened.

McDaniel also has a Young Democrats club supporting these events. Philosophy club played a game called debate fallacy bingo. There were many ways to become involved with the presidential debate on campus. I am very excited to see what events there will be for the foreign policy debate next week.

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