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Jan term Registration Opens!

On every tour I always tell my groups that Jan Term is the best experience I have had in my years on the Hill. It is one of those cool things that McDaniel provides to their students that ends up being an awesome opportunity for most people. January Term is the three weeks in January […]

Gearing Up for Midterms

The fifth and sixth weeks of the semester are always when people realize that Midterms are just around the corner. Two weeks from now, I will be on my way home for Fall Break. As much as I love being on campus and love McDaniel, it is always nice to go home and just relax […]

The Pickle

I’m from Boston. I don’t own a car. I grew up in the city, with buses and subway trains and bikes and my own two feet. With $1.70 and a good sense of direction I could go anywhere I wanted. It was an incredibly powerful feeling. Then I moved to Westminster.

Westminster is technically a […]

New Media Writing

Before this semester, I was a little hesitant to invest my time in forms of social media like Twitter and Tumblr, mostly because I saw them as a distraction. That said, I was a little wary of my New Media Writing class when I read the syllabus and realized that our first major project required […]

Last Friday Night…

…was nothing like the Katy Perry song of that name, but I truly had a blast!

Westminster’s annual Fall Fest took place last weekend and though it started last Thursday evening, things really kicked off last Friday night with Westminster’s annual Midnight Madness. As a freshman last year, I managed to miss hearing about Midnight […]