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This weekend I went to see Hairspray! This was an incredible show. It had great songs and dances as well as great acting. It was in Alumni Hall, McDaniel’s theater. I paid only 8 dollars to go, but if one volunteers to usher they can attend for free. I had a wonderful time.

One nice [...]

Pre-Midterm Fun

I had a really great week and I had a lot of fun throughout it. My classes went really well this week although there was the slightly terrifying moment when I realized that I have midterms next week, but that’s life. Beside which I am not too worried about them because I really enjoy my [...]

Local dining

Eating with friends is one of my favorite things. Whether in our dining hall or a nearby restaurant, a meal always just tastes better when I’m around my favorite people. Luckily, Westminster has a ton of family-owned dining options that are great for the college budget. Here are some of my favorites:

CUP Tea Bar [...]