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This weekend I went to see Hairspray! This was an incredible show. It had great songs and dances as well as great acting. It was in Alumni Hall, McDaniel’s theater. I paid only 8 dollars to go, but if one volunteers to usher they can attend for free. I had a wonderful time.

One nice thing about Hairspray was that it relates a great deal to my class. I am currently enrolled in a class about Civil Rights and Hairspray deals with racial issues in the 1960’s. Another interesting fact is that it takes place in Baltimore, which is only a short drive from McDaniel.

The characters were fantastic, but something that stood out about this show were the costumes and set design. The costumes were perfectly done and matched the time period very well. The set design was also presented well and very creative. In one scene there was a record shop and they dangled records from the ceiling. The show runs Wednesday through Saturday, which is ideal since not every student has weekends available and Wednesday and Thursday offer other opportunities to see the show. Overall I was very impressed with the performance of the students. I cannot wait for the next McDaniel production.

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