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Pre-Midterm Fun

I had a really great week and I had a lot of fun throughout it. My classes went really well this week although there was the slightly terrifying moment when I realized that I have midterms next week, but that’s life. Beside which I am not too worried about them because I really enjoy my classes a lot this semester and I am definitely going to be ready for them provided I study some. Plus, it’s exciting that Fall Break is soon because I can visit home and get to ride a decent bit for the first time since I got thrown because everything is healing nicely, so that’s great. Fall Break is not this weekend but next, plus the Monday and Tuesday after the weekend. But anyway, classes are definitely progressing and everyone is starting to get busier as we move toward the midpoint of the semester. People are thinking about Jan Terms as well – I am taking one this year on LGBT issues in the modern world and several of my friends are taking Jan Terms also.

I also went to see Hairspray last night. The songs were really good and the cast did an amazing job. The show was really good and the audience as a whole really did seem to enjoy themselves. My only experience with Hairspray before this was the movie, so it was definitely different but I actually think I liked the play much better. A lot of the people who were in it are people I know pretty well – one of my old mentees was in it as well as my roommate from my freshman year and various other people. It’s neat going to the shows and seeing people who I see everyday shine in a much different light than their normal day to day activities – although granted practice has been a lot of what they do lately as a result of preparing for the show. There have also been posts all over my Facebook feed about how much other people enjoyed the show and how great it was, so the show is clearly a great success.

I also went to the Rainbow Clubroom last night, which was hosted by Allies and given support by the radio station and the Office of Student Engagement. I went after it had already been going for a little while because a few of us went as a group so we had to wait for Lisa to get off work. We ended up having to go without her, but we still had a lot of fun and met up with several friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I didn’t dance much but it was nice seeing Dan get a chance to dance because he studied dance for a long time and he is really good. Also, he really enjoys it and he definitely needed to take the chance to relax. Plus, we got to hang out with some new people that we didn’t really know before last night. There was a freshman there in a dog suit of some kind which was interesting but anyway the night overall was pretty good. A bunch of us went back to Phil’s room and watched Repo: The Genetic Opera because we found out that two of our friends really liked it as well as us. Today was dedicated to relaxing and playing games with friends, although I’ll have a lot of homework to do tomorrow. We played Magic: The Gathering and a different variety of console based video games with a bunch of different people that we know in the common room in Blanche.

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