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Midterm Week Begins

Yesterday was a day with way too much to do and not a lot of time to do it. Mostly it was the homework I neglected on Saturday to relax with my friends, but the day still managed to be pretty fun. I worked on stuff for most of my classes and got all of […]

…And When It Comes To GLAR

Englar Dining Hall (GLAR) can be an intimidating place on campus for someone who is going in for the first time. Since it is the only dining hall on campus, almost every student that does not have an apartment with a kitchen finds themselves in GLAR at one point or another during the day. During […]

Best places to study on campus

We have midterms on campus this week, so everyone is looking for the perfect place to cram before exams. Personally, I have a hard time studying unless it is quiet around me. Over the years, I’ve sampled several places, and I’ve found a few that work really well for me:

The silent floor of the […]

Tips From A Tour Guide: Tip #3: Be Excited

Tips From a Tour Guide: How to Make the Most out of your Tour of McDaniel

Tip #3: Be Excited

Have you ever heard the saying “Treat others the way you want to be treated?”  Well, the saying stays true while you’re on tour.  The Tour Guides at McDaniel love their jobs, but […]

Midterms and All that Jazz

Hello again! This weekend I went home, but I would have preferred to stay on campus just because of the amount of homework I have to get done on Sunday. On Friday, I went to visit family in Philadelphia and on Saturday, all day, I went to a Maryland (College Park) football game. Now, don’t […]