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Midterm Week Begins

Yesterday was a day with way too much to do and not a lot of time to do it. Mostly it was the homework I neglected on Saturday to relax with my friends, but the day still managed to be pretty fun. I worked on stuff for most of my classes and got all of my homework for Monday and Tuesday done because I know that I need to spend today and tomorrow studying for my Wednesday and Thursday midterms. I had to write an annotated bibliography for one of my classes and in the process I ran across a lot of good articles for my research, which made me happy. Also, I got to relax and play Guild Wars once the day settled down and I got my homework done. It was nice to see that I still managed to have free time even though I had so much to do when the day started – and I even got to sleep in.

Today I slept until 11:23 when I had to be at work at 11:30, but I still managed to make it there on time. I was working with Admissions today, it was simple enough, I just had to let tour groups into Whiteford. Still, I had a nice conversation with one of the new admissions counselors and it started my day on a really nice foot. Plus, sleeping in is always nice even when it was accidental. I went to my classes, Poe was a lot of fun today. We were talking about mesmerism and how it played out in two of his works. Mesmerism is no longer around, but it was similar to hypnosis. It focused on the movement of fluids in the body and the energy around it to suppress all bodily functions other than the brain. The stories were interesting and while they were on the same subject ended rather differently and many of my classmates had very interesting theories as to why there was such a difference. Research Design and Methods, my second class, was okay although it seemed really long because it was one long discussion of everyone’s projects so a lot of it was not relevant to the entire class – just individuals.

This evening, I spent some time sorting through my notes for studying and getting ready for midterms. I had dinner with a bunch of my friends and it was fun talking about our weekends and seeing what others had been up to. Also, I spent time looking up different traditions for Halloween because I was curious and needed a break from my note re-organizing. I had classes really early tomorrow so I didn’t want to get bogged down in work today, so I am definitely glad I took the time to finish extra homework yesterday. Instead, I get to spend the rest of my night at my conversational hour at the Arabic House – Dalia cooked for us and it smells wonderful so I can’t wait. Plus, conversational hours tend to be a lot of fun although scheduling them is difficult sometimes.

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