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My Favorite Meals Around Campus

While nothing will ever be better than homecooking, here are some of my favorite meals around campus.

1. Miss Bobby’s Buffalo Chicken salad

We have a station in Glar where Miss Bobby makes customized hand-tossed salads. Students can either chose from one of her specialties or create their own concoction. I love choosing her famous Buffalo Chicken salad. Her original dressing is what makes it.

2. Chicken Tender Thursdays

This day is not a joke. Lunchtime on Thursdays is enough to get you through the week. There are regular tenders, gluten-free tenders, and all the dipping sauces you could desire. Students anticipate this weekly lunch more than anything.

3. Wing night

Glar holds special themed nights a few times a month. One of my favorites is wing night. These wings fly off the trays in flavors like Old Bay and BBQ. Definitely one of the messiest nights in Glar, make sure you have a stack of napkins nearby for a finger-licking good meal!

4. Sushi night

Another special Glar theme is sushi nights. These hand-rolled delicacies hit the spot, for the price of your regular meal swipe. From California Rolls to Spicy Tuna, your favorite rolls are sure to be found on this delicious night.

5. Chicken Cheesesteak

When it comes to the Pub, this is my first choice. These cheesesteaks are fresh off the grill and perfectly toasty. The cheese is so melty that it always hits the spot, especially as a fourth meal late at night. With a side of fries, you can’t go wrong.

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