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Baseball and the Baltimore Orioles

Unlike many smaller schools, McDaniel is not a suitcase school. Students find themselves feeling like they missed something if they head home for even a day or two. It also helps that there is always a plethora of things going on around campus.

McDaniel also makes it super easy to spend some time off campus with friends. Heading into Baltimore is a popular destination for students on campus. Thanks to the Pickle, which is the campus shuttle, traveling around Westminster, as well as getting to major cities in the area is really easy, and FREE.

When the destination is Baltimore, the shuttle bring you to Owings Mills metro stop. After paying a small fee, the metro becomes your transportation into the city. For people not familiar with public transportation, not only is it cheap but it is incredibly easy to get from one place to another.

One of my favorite things to do once downtown is visit Camden Yards for a baseball game. Although the Red Sox are my main team, I love watching an Oriole’s game. Not only are the ticket prices notoriously dirt cheap, but you can get them for even cheaper on student nights. The stadium is very new and a great place to catch a game.

With a playoffs atmosphere it is even more exciting this year! Let’s go O’s!



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