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Midterms and then Fall Break!

Hello! So this week is the actual week for most midterms and unfortunately I have one tomorrow night for my three hour class. Thankfully, I talked to one and the other girls in my class and we’re going to study tomorrow morning. This weekend is also fall break and we get Monday and Tuesday off! If only I could actually enjoy them. The German program here hosts German-American Day on Tuesday for Middle and high schools students in Maryland (I’m not sure how far they actually are from Westminster). So I get to assist and help out with that. It’s kind of a relief to have one day at least to be at school resting (Monday). Since I have spent every weekend at home lately, I’m kind of sick of going home. I do have to go home for at least this weekend if I can get a scholarship to go to Fall Conference with Intervarsity. Everyone has said really good things about Fall Conference, so it’ll be really cool if I can go. Unfortunately, our monetary situation is a mess, so we have to be careful and Fall Conference does cost money. Thankfully they do have scholarship available for Fall Conference and also for Urbana, which is an event held every three years by Intervarsity and they have seminars and things like that.

My pigeon has been doing really well in our lab class and has shown (according to the tables we enter the data into) an increase in learning. It’ll be interesting to write up our lab reports, but it’ll also be a hefty graded assignment at the end of this semester.

So I actually deactivated my Facebook account not too long ago, but the problem is that I keep finding new ways to procrastinate. Thankfully, it has helped alleviate some social stress, which is difficult to handle when I’ve been this busy. I do think sophomore year is definitely the year when you realize that you have to mature a bit (at least I do, but I know some who haven’t realized this) and some people may become better friends, while others have been at a distance. I do think college is where people develop their person and improve as well. I’ve already said that, but it can apply to people not even in college and maybe in a different kind of situation where they learn how to mature.

I never watched TV last year because I considered it such a distraction and neither me nor my roommate really felt the need for one, but I find myself watching “Family Guy” almost every night. It is definitely nice to have some technology other than my laptop. I feel like I’m on my computer constantly, typing up papers, homework, or just surfing some random website.

Also, I have elected not to be in the belly dancing performances because I just do not have the time to put into it this semester. I may next semester, but I’m also a little shy about belly dancing in front of a bunch of people. Thank you for reading again! I’ll definitely write about German-American Day next week.

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