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This week was midterm week. Midterms are basically the first time you really know how you’re going to do in a class, because you have done a substantial amount of work and your teacher has revealed how she is going to grade large assignments. Most teachers give midterm exams, but some assign papers or projects […]

Fall Break

The halfway point of the semester has arrived and with it comes Fall Break.

It is amazing how fast time flies, yet with the pages of papers I’ve written, the tests I’ve┬átaken, and the projects I’ve done this semester, I am ready for a break.

After surviving a week of midterms, there is nothing students […]

The Worst is Over! (For Now…)

I’m very happy that all of my midterms wrapped up yesterday! I handed in my take-home midterm for my evening class, took an in-class science midterm, also turned in an essay draft for my rhetoric class. It was definitely overwhelming that all of this had to happen in one day, but now it’s over, I […]