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Fall Break

The halfway point of the semester has arrived and with it comes Fall Break.

It is amazing how fast time flies, yet with the pages of papers I’ve written, the tests I’ve taken, and the projects I’ve done this semester, I am ready for a break.

After surviving a week of midterms, there is nothing students are looking more forward to than five days of relaxation and fun. While some students are choosing to remain on campus for the short break, I will be heading home to New Jersey with my roommate Laura.

Laura and I have been brainstorming things to do over break since October started. This includes sleeping in, outlet shopping, and eating plenty of her mom’s Italian cooking. One day we have plans to go fishing out on the ocean on a charter boat with her father and sister. We would also like to carve some pumpkins or head to Fright Fest at Six Flags.

While our list of things we want to do is a bit ambitious for the short break that we have ahead, whatever we choose to do will be a nice change from the school grind and have us back to school refreshed and ready to continue the semester.

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