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This week was midterm week. Midterms are basically the first time you really know how you’re going to do in a class, because you have done a substantial amount of work and your teacher has revealed how she is going to grade large assignments. Most teachers give midterm exams, but some assign papers or projects instead. I don’t mean to brag, but I usually do well on big assignments. I test well, I’m a good writer, I know my way around a PowerPoint, and I’m a decent public speaker. In fact, my biggest faults are definitely smaller assignments that I neglect or overlook.

That said, I don’t mind midterm week (or finals week) as much as most of my friends do. Sometimes I study in groups with classmates, and they ask me why I’m not as worried as they are. I tell them what my 11th grade biology teacher used to tell us before each big test: if our life is the chalk, then this test is a speck that the eraser missed. Whenever I begin to worry, I always remember that no single test can define my future; I will always have at least one other chance to better my grade.

So I took my midterms. I only had 2, in my science class and in my business ethics class. I did pretty well on both of them, not blowing anyone out of the water, but certainly doing well enough to please my mother (the ultimate question: is Mom happy?). Now begins the part of the semester that seems the longest; fortunately, Halloween should be a fun distraction!

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