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Fall Break- Not Such a Small School After All

After midterms we have this wonderful thing called fall break. We have Monday and Tuesday for a vacation (and rest). The wonderful thing about fall break combined with the Pickle taking people to the city is that I can now travel to D.C. or Baltimore (or any other city nearby) quite easily! For this vacation […]

It’s important to take a break sometimes too…

Fall Break means changing leaves, beautiful Fall weather, time with family, and, most importantly, a break from the stress and rigor of school. For me it meant homework, studying, reading, and, most importantly, becoming a recluse so that I wouldn’t fall any further behind in my classes than I already had. I spent Friday and […]

Trapped on campus? No way!

McDaniel may be located in suburbia, but that certainly doesn’t mean we get stuck here. As it is Fall Break, many students either went home or embarked on short trips during our short vacation.

If you’re looking to head home during a break, the easiest way to get a ride is through the weekend shuttle […]