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Fall Break- Not Such a Small School After All

After midterms we have this wonderful thing called fall break. We have Monday and Tuesday for a vacation (and rest). The wonderful thing about fall break combined with the Pickle taking people to the city is that I can now travel to D.C. or Baltimore (or any other city nearby) quite easily! For this vacation I went to both D.C. and Baltimore.

Since the Pickle takes people back from the metro fairly late it is even possible to go out and come back the same day (even until 2 in the morning!). I first went to D.C. and saw a music performance. There are plenty of very fun activities to do in D.C., museums and music are my two favorites.

Another great thing I did this weekend was go to Baltimore and visit Johns Hopkins. My friend attends school there. His school also has a shuttle connecting to several other schools (including Goucher and Towson). There was a Towson football game and a Ravens football game in Baltimore this weekend. Despite McDaniel being a small school it is now, through the Pickle, connected to hundreds of other students at nearby schools.

For my ASL (American Sign Language) class I visited Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. where I met many more friends. I used to feel isolated in Westminster and felt that going to a small school was a tough choice to make, but now I have the benefit of a small school and small classes and I am able to be connected to many students and have the benefit of big schools (lots of people and parties). The Pickle is really great, and now that I am on fall break and had a chance to travel I am starting to appreciate it even more.

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