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I just finished my first long paper of the semester. It’s 12 pages on the history of the trading fairs that took place in the French province of Champagne in the 12th and 13th centuries. The class I wrote it for is European Economic History, taught by Dr. McIntyre, one of two writing classes I’m […]

German-American Day!

Hello again! So today was German-American Day at McDaniel College and I got back yesterday to help with sorting through t-shirts and preparing for the flood of high school and middle school students. Basically, we invite a bunch of different high schools and middle schools to McDaniel’s campus so that they can learn about German […]

Come to our Fall Open House!

Mark your calendars for McDaniel’s annual Fall Open House on Sunday November 11 at 1:30 p.m.!

Whether you’re just starting your college search, trying to wrap it up, or somewhere in between, the Fall Open House is an excellent way to get a feel for McDaniel College and life on the Hill!

If you’re a […]

10 Fun ways to Decorate Your Dorm

I have a decorating problem.  I simply can’t live in a space with barren white walls, no color and just…emptiness. There’s just something cozy, fun, unique about walking into a space that you put your personal touch on. And, quite frankly, a whole lot less boring. So! Being a senior this year and having studied […]