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Honors around the World

Yesterday we had a really fun little Honors event called “Honors around the World!” I’ve been part of the Honors Program here at McDaniel since I was a freshman and really love the friends and opportunities that have come along with it. At this particular event, I was asked to present on my two study-abroad experiences: one at the University of Glasgow, Scotland and the other in Brussels, Belgium. But I wasn’t the only person speaking that evening- we had people talk about going to Egypt, Costa Rica, Granada (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Ghana, Botswana and probably another place that I’m currently forgetting…

Suffice to say we had a pretty wide spread of countries and possible programs represented! It was a fun evening where we got to bring in photo albums full of pictures from our travels for potential travelers to look through as we tried not to overburden them with endless stories. Our Honors President organized the evening, and had also brought food for us all to eat from each country or region that we had studied in: pomegranates for Granada, dark chocolate brownies for Belgium, pineapple, hummus and more! I’m all for food helping to represent cultures, especially when it’s free.

The most exciting part for me was that after everybody shared their various cool experiences abroad and we had plowed through cool photo albums, any interested students could come up and talk to us if our particular country or program struck their fancy. I got to talk to three students in depth about Scotland, and had an amazing time recounting stories and all the fun quirky things that I miss. At the end of our near half-an-hour conversation, I was pretty convinced that I have at least two of them sold on going to Glasgow! Studying abroad is definitely something that I think everyone who has the chance should do, it is such an amazing, unique experience and one of the most complete forms of independence you can find while in college.

The Honors program also does fun trips like going to Maze Quest every year- a giant corn maze that has a new theme every fall- last year’s was Robin Hood I believe, and it’s always fantastic! Besides requiring good grades out of you to get into the program, you have to keep up those grades and take extra honors courses. Plus side? I made most of my best friends by living in honors housing freshman year. There’s also cool stuff like the Room of Requirement, our own study/lounge area in Hill, picnics, trips to Baltimore or DC, Maze Quest, dinners, and the unique opportunity to study at the University of Glasgow in Scotland! And trust me, it’s totally worth it. Looking for a bit of challenge and lots of fun and friends along the way? Check it out.

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