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Midterm Grades Arrive

Hi! So I received my midterm grades, which people can check via archway (the main website for registering for classes, checking for requirements, and checking grades). The school does send emails to students when midterm grades have been posted and they will also email that you should talk to your advisor and parents about your […]


Wednesday night was the second presidential debate. Fortunately for people looking to make a decision, both candidates made great points and solid cases. Unfortunately, that performance also invited both parties to insult the other. McDaniel is no different: all over campus, students are talking about who “won” the debate.

┬áIn truth, nobody “wins” a debate. […]

Check out the Writing Center

What’s an in-text citation? What’s the difference between APA and MLA style? How do I come up with a thesis?!

These questions may leave some students pounding their heads on the desks of the library, but there’s no need! Instead of desperately searching for the answers on Google, McDaniel students can seek out help at […]