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What’s an in-text citation? What’s the difference between APA and MLA style? How do I come up with a thesis?!

These questions may leave some students pounding their heads on the desks of the library, but there’s no need! Instead of desperately searching for the answers on Google, McDaniel students can seek out help at the Writing Center.

I’ve been a tutor at the Writing Center for the past two¬† years, and I’ve helped students with projects from brainstorming for freshman writing classes to those looking to work on resumes for post-graduate jobs. We welcome clients at any stage in the writing process, and all we ask is doe you to bring your assignment and a willingness to talk with us!

A typical session lasts about 45 minutes, and we’ll begin with reading through your paper out loud. As we read, we’ll both mark places. on the paper that we’d like to go back and talk about. The marks could indicate a passage that was written particularly well or an issue of organization or clarity that we’d like to address. After reading, we go back and talk about the marked sections.

This year we’re also working on a ton of new initiatives such as online tutoring via Skype as well as our very own blog, which discusses everything from what music we like to listen to while we study to why “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a grammatically correct English sentence. Check it out!

Scheduling is done completely online, so students can sign up for appointments whenever it suits their schedule and as far into the semester as they like. We look forward to seeing you in the future!

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