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Wednesday night was the second presidential debate. Fortunately for people looking to make a decision, both candidates made great points and solid cases. Unfortunately, that performance also invited both parties to insult the other. McDaniel is no different: all over campus, students are talking about who “won” the debate.

 In truth, nobody “wins” a debate.  Or at least, no candidate wins a debate. Both candidates say what they say, prove points and make arguments, and try to convince you who to vote for. The real winner in any debate is a member of the audience who is able to understand what the candidates are saying, and how each candidate’s policies would affect them.

    At first, the arguments around campus annoyed me: friends were arguing with friends, dorm rooms were split, and every class seemed ready to turn into a skirmish. But as I thought about, I realized how lucky we are to go to a school where people actually have diverse opinions on politics. My high school was fairly one dimensional – I grew up in one of the most liberal towns in Massachusetts – and McDaniel is a refreshing change. Although arguments can be annoying, 100% agreement is even worse.

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