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Going Out in Westminster

My friends recently turned 21 years old and so yesterday we celebrated. Thursday night is a popular night to go out to the bar. One can find students all along the block in the bars a few streets down from the college. It is important to go with a large group, because what makes the bars fun is having other students  there to hang out with.

I have also been invited out to eat in Westminster. I go once a month with a friend from high school and there are always fabulous places to explore. I have been to a delicious Thai restaurant several times (since I really enjoy their Thai iced coffee).

Another great discovery I had in Westminster happened when I was a freshman. My friend and I used to walk in the morning to  a small bagel shop where we could get cheap breakfast sandwiches. Not only that but they have delicious frozen coffee drinks which, as a caffeine addict, are a must for any restaurant.

My favorite moment going out down the street is hands down the time when it was snowing, the day after Halloween, and I went to a wonderful new tea shop. They had wonderful warm drinks (taking away all memory of the snow) and also live music! My friend and I ended up staying for a few hours listening to an incredible musician. When the cold comes again I cannot wait to revisit this place.

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