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Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is the night when the basketball teams are first allowed to practice for the season. However, this event is more than just for the players on those teams and is highly anticipated by the entire college community.

Midnight Madness was Sunday night, and in the 45 minutes leading up to the first practice at […]

Camping: So Fall Decided to Come

This weekend, Maryland settled into the perfect fall weather: low 70s and beautiful blue skies with the leaves turning brilliant shades of red and orange. And what better way to enjoy the weather than to go camping? That’s just what we did. Eight of us left campus packed into two cars along with our various […]


Birthdays are a cause for celebration and when they fall during the school week, they are a great interruption. I’m always jealous of my friends who celebrate their birthdays during the school year because mine is in the summer.

Last night was my friend Nick’s 22nd birthday! This is exciting and also scary that I […]

Home football game

I’m not always able to watch our home football games because of cross country meets, but we had this weekend off from running! While the weather was awesome and would have been great for a run, I instead was able to tailgate with my friends for the entire game.

Here at McDaniel we’ve been recognized […]