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Tailgating: McDaniel Style

I woke up on Saturday and was very excited because I knew exactly what the day entailed: food, friends, family, and football.  My parents decided that since I am a senior, they should  take advantage of tailgating at McDaniel before I graduate.  They have been here once before, but since it was over a break, [...]


So, I have been back on campus for a few days since my surgery and I am still shocked and wonderfully surprised by how supportive everyone has been. I am sore a lot of the time and need a lot of rest, but I did manage to go to my classes today, for which I [...]

Midterm Grades…Dun Dun Dun

Midterms is always the week were everyone instantly forgets everything they have learned so far in the semester. It’s like when you see a car coming at you and you just freeze up and forget what you are supposed to do. But what is worse that getting hit by a car? Getting hit by a [...]