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A Great Day for Ducks (And Bunnies!)

The weather was a little gloomy, but that didn’t stop fuzzy little animals from taking over Red Square, the center of campus, on Friday morning! The event, which brought baby bunnies and ducklings and even a guinea pig to the College was dubbed “Pet Your Stress Away.” It was the brainchild of Dean Breslin, one of our fabulous academic deans, and her team of interns. The animals visited us from a place called Noah’s Art Camp, a summer day camp located in Mount Airy, Maryland.

Though I only planned on spending ten minutes with the little animals, I ended up spending around 45 minutes in Red Square petting and holding the rabbits, mingling with other students who were there, and taking lots of pictures. It was a great event not only for stress relief but also for socializing. And though I had a grammar test later that afternoon that I had to study for, spending time with the animals was time well-spent.

Now, rather than gush about the baby animals through words, let me share with you some pictures so you too can revel in the animals’ adorableness:


Yes, that’s a bunny I’m holding.

Does it look like a bunny now?

One of my friends holds one of the smaller bunnies

Another little bunny

Don’t forget the guinea pig!

One last picture of the ducks!

This event was a lot of fun for everyone! I hope baby animals can come visit us on campus in future semesters!


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