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Corn Maze

On Saturday I went to a corn maze in Pennsylvania called Maize Quest. I went freshman year too, and it’s the only corn maze I’ve ever been to (we don’t have many corn fields in Boston). Simply put, Maize Quest is the single greatest day ever.

Three of my closest friends (Becky, Kyle, and Joel) and I were all on the same team. We raced through the maze looking for different clues hidden in dark corners of the field. We started off great: we ran into some other group and we were doing much better than them at collecting clues. ┬áThen the sun went to down and so did our luck. Suddenly we kept going back to the same places, couldn’t find any new clues, and started getting annoyed. However, we kept our spirits up with plenty of jokes, and eventually gave up and went to get some Cracker Barrel.

The Maize Quest is one of the activities run by the Honors Program every semester. Becky is this year’s Honor’s Events Coordinator, and she organized the trip, which is open not only to Honors students but also to friends of Honors students (or really anyone that wants to come). This year at least 4 non-Honors kids came (out of 30 total students). Events like the corn maze are awesome because it lets kids who are normally studying and reading and discussing Aristotle let loose and act like idiots. And nothing brings friends closer than getting lost in the darkness over and over and over.

If I could give one piece of advice to give new students, it would be to sign up for events like this one! There will be countless Saturdays that you sleep in, lay around all day, watch a movie, and then go out. Going on a day trip, even if it turns out to suck, will be a great chance to bond. And I promise it will create lasting college memories.

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