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Fall Conference with Intervarsity

Hello again! This past weekend, as I said, I went on the trip with Intervarsity to Fall Conference. It’s just a weekend event that was held at River Valley Ranch, which is about half an hour from here, and there were a lot of different activities. If you are interested in Intervarsity or maybe you are not completely sure about it, this weekend was a lot of fun and it definitely made me feel more a part of this group than before. Honestly, I would recommend giving Intervarsity the chance and becoming at least a part of it, if you are Christian. It is nondenominational, so you do not have to worry about being Episcopalian, Catholic, or any other denomination (because really, there is a heck of a lot).

During the weekend, we did have a schedule, but don’t let that discourage you! There is free time and there was a lot on Saturday. We did have early mornings, but thankfully we left around 12:00, so there was time on Sunday for a nap and doing homework. Basically, Friday we settled in to our campsite and had dinner after we arrived. Then we had worship, which is with music, and a speaker session. This year Michael Koh was the speaker and he discussed a lot about faith and how it can heal lives. That was followed by campus time, which we spent playing the game “Never have I ever” with a circle of chairs. Someone stands in the middle and says something that they have never done and if you have done it, then you have to run for another chair, but if you don’t get a seat, you get to stand in the middle and say something that you have never done. It was a lot of fun. Then we had free time, which people could spend in the gym, playing soccer or basketball, or playing different games, especially card games. I ended up playing soccer, until someone was injured and then we played the card game “Drug Dealer,” which I have to admit is one of the funniest and most awkward games I have ever played. The next day was breakfast, a speaker session, worship, lunch, free time (I went with my friends to a corn maize, which was a lot of fun) , and seminars (they had five choices for which seminar to attend). Then Sunday was a little depressing because most of us had so much fun there that we didn’t want to leave and go back to our homework.

So, this past weekend was a lot of fun because I went on that trip. If you ever consider going to Fall Conference, I would recommend going. They do offer scholarships if it is unaffordable, but it is a little over a hundred dollars. I was able to get a scholarship to go, thankfully. Thank you  for reading once again!

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