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Ice Skating Fridays

My friends and I have a new awesome tradition: Ice skating every Friday! I grew up in New England, skating on frozen ponds and rivers every winter with my family. Skating outdoors is the best. I have fond memories of shoveling p ice rinks and playing pick up hockey with my dad and brother, or smashing thie ice and trying to ice-fish with my sister. One of the things I miss most when I’m at school is winter sports, but skating every Friday is helping fill that hole.

It all started when one of my friends, who is from Texas, said she wanted to go skating because she’s going to school in the “north.” Now, despite the fact that McDaniel is as far from the north as Hurricane Sandy was from being dry, I agreed that skating was an awesome idea. Another friend said that he played hockey when he was younger and he’d love to as well. All of a sudden, we were going to the Reisterstown Sports Complex and we were skating!

Skating has been awesome. So far, we’ve had 9 different people go, worn 2 Halloween costumes, met 1 hockey prodigy, taught 2 friends how to skate, and only taken 1 girl to the hospital! It has been great to get the extra exercise and to prepare myself for winter break (so as not to be embarrassed by my sisters).

I went today dressed as Where’s Waldo. When I stepped on the ice, every preteen at the rink (maybe 200) started screaming at once. They were so excited to see someone dressed up that they couldn’t contain themselves. At first the attention was nice, but eventually it did get pretty annoying eventually. In the end I let some kids borrow my hat and glasses, and we had a great time skating around and around and around.

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