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Intramural Sports

McDaniel College is home to 24 Division III athletic sports, all part of the Centennial Conference. But we are also home to 11 intramural sports that I would argue are just as competitive, if not more so.

Several of my friends play on an intramural football team. While they always acted intense about playing time and uniforms for each week, I always took their comments as boys being boys. However, I finally went out to a game this past weekend. They played under the lights and my roommates and I had been promising we’d check it out before the season was over.

I was surprised how how legitimate the game was. Although it was flag football so there was no need for pads or helmets and there was no tackling, the boys all played really intense and followed the rules a lot more closely than I would have guessed.

My roommates and some of the boys are getting a team together for an intramural volleyball tournament on Halloween night. I think that intramural sports are a great way to get active and have fun with friends. And having that intramural champions t-shirt at the end of the season makes you the envy of a lot of people on campus.

There are a lot of intramural sports to check out, including floor hockey, basketball, and softball. So if you’re not ready to commit to a division 3 sport but you’re not ready to give up your high school sports, consider playing intramural and get the best of both worlds.

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