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Sand(y) Storm

With the hurricane approaching it is interesting to see how a college prepares for such a situation. So far classes have not been cancelled (although we have heard they are in several areas). McDaniel’s news team is live blogging the storm so that students can follow along. There are also posts on facebook updating on the current status of the weather.

One great thing McDaniel has for weather conditions is the news alert. They send a text any time there is something the students should be notified of. This worked well last year when students had a potential tornado warning. All students were contacted swiftly and able to move to a safe location on campus.

Though I was not on campus for the tornado warning I also heard that campus safety officers went through the buildings warning students to find safe shelter. It is reassuring to know that we are looked after in case of emergency. It is debatable what damage the storm will cause, but McDaniel is taking steps to protect the student body. I overheard campus workers discussing preparations for the storm last week, so I know there has been a lot of advanced planning. Though I am hoping for cancelled class, I am not worried for my safety.

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