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Strange Days Indeed

The last four days have not been entirely typical of my experience at McDaniel College, but they’ll certainly be memorable.

After an evening of fun that involved watching McDaniel’s improv troupe Danger Sauce put on their annual Halloween show and going to Westminster Station for coffee late Friday night to support Advocacy Team’s “Music for […]

Surviving Sandy

Sandy has arrived with the nickname “Frankenstorm”. Three years ago campus was hit with Snowmageden, now we are being hit with a huge hurricane that has hit almost every piece of the east coast. I don’t think anyone realized how huge this storm really was until it hit land and ran into the winter storm […]

Prep for Sandy’s Arrival

Instead of freaking out about this storm, my apartment kept calm and prepared as best we could. Since we live with an RA we didn’t have to worry about having enough toilet paper or trash bags which was nice. We made sure to stock our pantry and refrigerator. We have flashlights and lanterns at the ready […]

The Duke of Edinburgh Award!

I recently applied for a prestigious award called The Duke of Edinburgh Award. To receive this award I am required to fulfill certain requirements to receive my medal. It is an award to showcase well-rounded students. You have to display your dedication to community service, physical fitness, a special talent and an adventurous journey. In order to receive the […]

Technology and Teaching Styles

Figuring out how a new professor teachers or grades can be difficult sometimes. When you are in a class with a new professor, not only are you learning new material, but you are also learning that professor’s style of teaching at the same time. Then, when you take a second class with the same professor […]