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Surviving Sandy

Sandy has arrived with the nickname “Frankenstorm”. Three years ago campus was hit with Snowmageden, now we are being hit with a huge hurricane that has hit almost every piece of the east coast. I don’t think anyone realized how huge this storm really was until it hit land and ran into the winter storm coming from the north. Classes for today were cancelled last night. Yay! This resulted in movie marathons and fun apartment and floor bonding all over campus. Everyone found a fun way to entertain themselves as Sandy approached. Campus is very cold. I refuse to go outside. The wind sounds more like train whistles hitting the windows and the rain is coming down in a constant stream.

It was fun to hear all the people running between buildings in North Village today. I personally think they are crazy for going outside in this weather, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. There were a few people who were doing what they called, “Hurricane Runs”.  They had crazy outfits on and just ran between the buildings in North Village. It was very entertaining to watch from my warm, dry apartment. There were even a few brave people playing catch in the quad with all the wind and rain. My apartment treated it like a snow day. We watched movies and played old-school video games all day. It was a fun relaxing day. They have already called off school for tomorrow as well so I’ll use tomorrow to be productive and get lots of homework finished and many papers written.

Our dining services and grounds keepers have been staying on campus throughout the storm to make sure everything on campus runs smoothly throughout the storm. Glar was open today for those students that don’t have kitchens. I’m glad I have a kitchen and did not need to go out to eat. We have been receiving e-mails from McDaniel Alert, Campus Safety, and Residence Life keeping us up to date on the storm and precautions the school is taking. I feel extremely safe here during a storm like this. It is really great that I have an awesome apartment too. We are all keeping each other entertained and trying to keep our minds off the storm as much as possible. So far we haven’t lost power and I’m hoping it stays that way. Fingers crossed!

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